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Back in the days strong people where considered to be stupid. In cartoons and films whatever. They never had the leading role but the bad guy. Always a guy. Girls with muscles was unthinkable. For me as a teenager it was so cool when Rocky, Rambo and Terminator came. Strong men as heroes. Still stupid, but heroes. 

I talked to Gøril and suddenly realized why Linda Hamilton is a big thing these days.
In the first Terminator movie Sarah Connor is a typical girl. Working as a waitress doing a terrible job crying and hiding from the Terminator. But in Terminator 2  she comes back as a total bad ass. She is strong with no make up. Never nude, just doing pull-ups and kicking ass. 
Arnold on the other hand is nude and objectified many times in the movie.
So now i realize. For some girls, that where teenagers in 1991, Sarah Connor changed everything. 

Sarah Being a bad ass in T2

Gøril (A teenager in the nineties. Smart and doing pull-ups )

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