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I decided to take Hilde to “Coaches Congress” In the last minute. I’m not a congress expert, but I’m quite sure this one is spesial.

Experts from all over the world telling us why we loose the battle against the global gyms. Why we need to sit down and take the business side of the deal more seriously. “Doing the right thing for the right people for the right reasons”, will only get you so far. Or bankrupt 😱

Off course they just taped the day plan to the wall. Crossfit style. Cute 🙂

But here is why I think it is special. All the speakers have one message in common. All you have going for you is love ❤️

Love for your job and your clients. The reason why you started with this is what’s gonna save you. Keep doing that. Never forget that.

Going away on short notice creates some organizing challenges. Then I just call Ove. “Hey Ove, I’ve got nobody for Friday can you help me out?

Ove; – Yes !! No problem. I am looking forward to it. I love it

Business can be cruel and tough, but the world is not necessarily that.

Here is a picture of Ove Hordnes just having a good time shoulder pressing your skinny asses to the death 😂😂😂

Back to “The world is not cruel”

In 2012 I was tired. My business partner just left me. I had few clients and still had not taken out my first salary. I was actually expanding instead of getting payed 🙈

Ove Hordnes wanted to put 100.000 into the business and take classes. We shook hands on it and the deal was done ✅

Then the oil business boomed and Ove had the opportunity to stay longer at the platform for salaries most of us can dream of.

Eighteen months down the road I was still waiting for Ove. We sat down and had a talk about it. Shook hands and he gave me my 12,5 % back. We never signed any papers.

(Ove helped me out a lot during that time. Working for free to make Bryggen happen. That’s important to mention

That’s we love Ove and he loves us. And that’s why Ove Hordnes will always “own” a piece of Bryggen.

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