Wednesday : EMOM Hang Squat Snatch + « We don’t walk, we fly »

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Love is in the air at CrossFit Bryggen for Valentine day. ❤️

Some couples hang around some others just hang.

Snorre will start phase 2 of his strength program with his new barbell equipment.

People going out tonight other staying home with their half.

Today’s workout was dedicated to Snatch and its declination.

First part was EMOM 15 with 2 Hang Squat Snatch at 70%. A good practice before the Open. If you felt strong you could do it TNG. Working from the Hang is great for getting more explosive.

Then the conditioning part was made by Gabor : Overhead Squat and Burpees over the bar. You would be warm enough after the EMOM and you would probably work lighter in weight. The Overhead Squat is probably the best exercise we have in CrossFit for the core and then come Front Squat. You need balance, control and strength.

Great Snatch day at the Pier.

Flere innlegg