Monday : CrossFit Games Open 11.1/14.1

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So I’m using the Bryggen’s bike. No more driving a car. I haven’t been biking since I was 15 probably and didn’t remember it hurts that much on the ass!

Talking about that, Snorre decided in his New Year’s resolutions to squat 3 times a week for the whole year. He said he wants to get the “årets beste rumpe” for next Juleball.

I don’t believe that the old man 👴🏻 will keep doing this after 3 months. Also just behind Dushyanthan, our 2017 champ, there is Sofie in my opinion. This morning she was doing some accessory work that nobody understood but that will probably make her ass even greater. Take this in your face Snorre. 🍑👊🏻

So biking is great even though I’m a little afraid to slide and finish in Vågen or being hit by a fucking bus.

On the list of Evil in the world there is :

  1. ISIS
  2. North Korea
  3. Bergen city bus drivers

It doesn’t matter whether you were there first or not, if they put their indicators they will drive and won’t look in their mirrors. Fucking road terrorists! In France it’s the total opposite: they check if someone is coming before moving, as you don’t have priority when you get out of a bus stop. #CulturalDifference 🇳🇴🇫🇷

But I’m doing CrossFit so I would probably survive being hit by a bus. 🚌💨🚲

The program changed as we entered a Strength cycle with combinaison of conditioning stuff and lots of CrossFit Games Opens. So today was day 1 of Front Squat: we needed to find our 5RM as the work reference for the weeks coming.

(László focusing on a proper technic during his sets)

Then the metcon was not too heavy but fast: CrossFit Games Open 11.1/14.1, AMRAP 10 with DU & Power Snatch.

(Yes Pia: make this bar fly!)

The board looks like a scientist made his calculations for the trajectory of a satellite. 🛰

Oh yeah and Roland smashed the wod.

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