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We were talking with Snorre about answers to give to some mails when Roland passed the door of the office.

He was drinking protein from a shaker and said to me that he had to take this now so to catch me on my level of fitness.

He is really nice but way better than I am. A lot better. Forget it.

So I offered him to try my vegan protein next time if he wanted. Snorre said “sure it’s made out of anus protein with sweeteners”. Yeah you know the man!

I’m not vegan but the meat industry is destroying our world. Don’t you know? Also have you thought about the farmed animal condition a little anyway? I mean, I’m not talking about surviving but pushing a trolley in a supermarket. Hunting with a credit card. We don’t need that much meat. So yeah I try to reduce what is connected to the meat industry and have as much veggies as I can. I try to think about my actions. Probably sounds boring for a majority but I don’t care.

But anyway we love veggies at CrossFit Bryggen and we even have one day for them. It’s called Bring A Friend! 🥔😝

If you have a friend doing CrossFit then you know how it is : this person can’t stop talking about it all the time.

You are talking about a serious topic about your job, an important issue and your friend is saying something like “totally feel you! It’s like me when the barbell crashes onto my shoulders on a heavy Clean. And I know that I should meet the bar!”. What is he talking about? How is that related? It’s like a cult!

So you’ve been through 10.000 hours of passive listening. Hearing him saying that everything is great in his “box”, that he feels stronger and the girls and guys are good looking or that the coach showed him how to grab a piece of paper on the floor by only using his mouth in a squatting-ninja-position which you would answer “weren’t you talking about functional movements? What the hell then?!”, “Yeah but it’s so cool! Like to get a better mobility!”.

And then you would say “yes I’ll come with you to try next Saturday but please shut up now!!!”.

And here we are, Bring A Friend every Saturday 10-11-12.

Three sessions of 1 hour of easy CrossFit for a fun try in a great atmosphere.

And while your friend is showing you as skillful he is, you just do your best, get a good sweat and … can you feel it? … a sweet combinaison of endorphin & adrenalin which leads to … HAPPINESS!

I tell you one thing.

When I was told by a closed friend about CrossFit I said “fitness is for girls. No way I’m gonna step up and down with a dancing coach in front of me”.

And then I discovered how wrong I was. I discovered crazy gymnastic skills, technical Olympic movements, intensity, a great community and much more.

I became addicted after 1h.

One single hour that changed my entire life.

So much that after I quit everything : family, friends, office job, country, I ended up writing this blog and working in CrossFit Bryggen.

Working in my passion.

You don’t think it’s possible.

Just pass our door.

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