Breaking News !!!! Blog war breaking out !

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So this morning I woke up thinking about the fu*** Frenchman. I have been making a blogpost every day since April 2011. Not once have I been invited to the “Bloggers party” at Zachariasbryggen. To make things worse I left Thierry in charge of the blog for two weeks, and all of a sudden he is the big hero.

His writings are not even workout related.

“I turn on the lights, get my gloves, hat and hood on. Then I get out of the parking. I slowly slide along the quay, looking at the darkness of the sea”.

What is he talking about ?

When my mother was 17 years old she went to Paris for one year, working as an au pair. She noticed that the french organised dances in the middle of the day. She liked the idea of dancing outside, so she talked to her friend Claudia from Germany to join her to check out this strange phenomena. It was not what she had visioned. At first the boys where polite and asked for a dance, but pretty soon she realised that this was not your typical Norwegian friendly swing. I can remember my mother telling me when i was 4 years old : “Men from France have tight white pants, with stiff …. inside, which they rub up against you ! “ I can recall thinking. Thats not a place I want to visit.

Anyways ….. Thats was my first thought this morning. Not to let the “dickrubbing” Frenchman steal my blog with his fancy words.

Then I got up and drank a cup of coffee with Baileys, took a shower and drove down to Bryggen to have the morning class. There was no “ soft sound of my squealing tires on the frozen pavement” or any of that crap.

Down at Bryggen I met Thierry, and told him that “Blogging” is for losers and that i was planning to write a book. Then i realised that would be unnecessary. The book is already written, wich means I’m gonna give Thierry a run for his money regarding who’s the boss of blogging.

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