Wednesday : ALT. EMOM 9

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There wasn’t many survivors from yesterday at the wod this afternoon.

When we check Mindbody business app we are always scared by the number of people every Monday. Something like 12+8 everywhere. And then it slowly go down. Today it was more like 7/8 per class. As if people need to get good conscience at the beginning of the week and then … few don’t cares any more.

I had a class with only girls and 3 of them are called Charlotte. And they were all working from a different rack so I spent my time saying from rack to rack something like “well done Charlotte” or “knees out Charlotte”. They all became Charlotte to me. Whoever they were. Won’t probably be the trainer of the year.

The EMOM contained Ring Muscle Up. This is the most difficult movement we have in CrossFit. The most beautiful one. It’s gymnastic. It’s a battle. For some it looks easy to accomplish as they swing high and barely not pull through the transition to the dips. For others the pull is stronger than the swing and you get exhausted quite fast.

This morning I took some pictures with my phone as it works 90% of the time. But there is so much movement, so much speed that everything was blurry. So I came with my camera this afternoon. It didn’t look very “coach” like but when I see the result with Odd Arne, after editing, I know it was totally worth it.

Lot of skills session with Lena for the Sprint class. It looked funny.

Stian ordered a burger at Foodora, ate it quickly in the sofa-chat-coffee station (after he went to help at Hurtigruten – thanks to everyone who could go there) and had the last classes. Efficient.

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