Tuesday : 360 Team 2

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I turn on the lights, get my gloves, hat and hood on. Then I get out of the parking. I slowly slide along the quay, looking at the darkness of the sea. Only the soft sound of my squealing tires on the frozen pavement breaks the silence around. Bergen is my home. Who would have thought this would be possible? I remember the tears of my manager of a 13 years collaboration when I told her I was leaving. Leaving a job that no one would quit. Being safe in a golden cage, under the sun of the Riviera. Under the field of view of the cameras of this police state. Between love and hate of my place of birth, my country, my people. And then everything is to rebuild. But life is made to experiment and life is good “et la roue tourne” eventually.

360 is the number of repetitions we had today. It’s not the first version I made but then I realized we would have a problem with the logistic on the rowers. So it became a team workout and it’s probably better this way. Even thought CrossFit is mainly practice individually, team wods help to strengthen the links between members and help to break the ice for many of them.

What a pleasure to have Per in my class. He is a Norwegian living legend, always smiling, always easy to talk to. Jeg bare ønsker at min norsk ble bedre (I’m not looking for excuse I know what I should do). He has such an “elegant strength”.

Professor Gabor in a one to one, cheering at Bjørnar who decided to take the wod alone as the class had an odd number. And still he was really impressive. A good habit.

Veronika, a new member, showing great skills for a first class.

Zuzana trying to avoid the picture but you are in the blog ma belle!

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