Måned: mai 2020

This is Crossfit

Intense Thursday

One of the glassblowers next door came to the office and said «I’m signing in» We explained we where closed but she did not care. (That’s how I realized I should start promoting the parking lot training:) I asked Emma if I could come and see her work. That was intense!!!! 😱 Open the door,…
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Everybody loves «Tabata» 😍 It’s fun and easy. You don’t even have to present the workout in a certain way to create enthusiasm. As soon as Stephanie started explaining the WOD everybody became super skeptical 🤨 A «bring sally up» warm up made everybody regret even coming to the country 😖 Then she finished them…
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We are getting a lot of new members!

The newspaper article really worked 👏🏻👏🏻 Mostly old members coming back, but also fresh faces 🐥 The summer offer is out so tell your friends👻 Stephanie is not a big fan of ☔️ She is the first trainer I have ever seen caching a class with an umbrella 🌂 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️ Per tricked Lars Jørgen into…
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Kjempesmell !

Monica satte opp ekstra styrkeløft-time siden alle er så utsultet på løfting ❤️ 10 stykker på en time øker presset på bookingen betraktelig 😅 Styrkeløftere får være inne, mens alt som minner om crossfit blir forvist til parkeringsplassen🤷🏻‍♂️😂 Marcus kom på besøk. Han syntes det hørtes perfekt ut å gjøre «The Bear» siden han er…
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One day in the life of a power lifter

Figuring out what to lift 👍🏻 Resting Squats are important but phone is importanter. The good life 👍🏻 Over to CrossFit. It’s raining. The workout is hell. There is no breaks, and you get totally smashed. AND, you can’t come inside. Half way. It’s crap And heavy Just irritated and tired. Then you have to…
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Onsdag «The Chicken»

3×8 minutter med fart og spenning «Kan alltid ta en V up til» 😜 Bare lukke øynene og håpe du er ferdig når du åpner de igjen. Mye bra swing på Bryggen 👍🏻 Og Muscle Babes 😎 Tommel opp

The truth about CrossFit

Things look so great online. CrossFiters are happy as hell. Working out harder than any fitness people ever can imagen. There is actually some truth to that BUT: This is Hilde pushing her boyfriends car closer to the socket since the damn batteries went dead again 😅 Sofie that that looked like a superstar ten…
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Mandag: «Manion»

Let’s see what’s cocking today. Two hundred and three squats!!!!!! That’s a lot😱 Funny thing. All you need is a bar and a parking space. Then 3-2-1 Go ! And there they go. Happy as goats 🐐 when you let them out in the spring😂👏🏻👏🏻 Squat 10.000 kg in 30 min? Yes great 👍🏻 It’s…
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