Måned: juli 2019

This is Crossfit

Wednesday: Ninja Turtle

Sooooo …. 😂😂😂 I have known Marcus since he was 15. He came to Bryggen cause he wanted to become a Powerlifter and train with Monica. He squatted 170kg two years later !!!! Then Per said he should try Olympic Weightlifting 🏋️ He broke all Norwegian records within one year 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Today he was stupid…
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Tirsdag : «Kelly Rowland»

Bloggen er tilbake !!!! Etter masse EDB-problemer er hjørnesteinen i en hver seriøs bedrift, BACK 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 !!!! Da kjører vi 👍🏻 Var så viktig å få bloggen opp å gå at jeg flyttet sengen ut på kontoret. Nede på Bryggen var alt helt perfekt !!! WOD’en var helt jævlig. Masse nye folk på alle timene.…
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Friday : Scarface

Legendary movie 🎥 Al Pacino says something like : «I tried to get out , but they pulled me back in» Well actually they edited out and used it in The Godfather III instead. 😜 Just like trying to quit at CrossFit Bryggen 😂 Monica took the evening classes. Nice when the best Powerlifter in…
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Thursday: We work

Wanted to rename this wod to : «No, you are fired» Who makes up a wod like that ??? Fun for the members I guess , but just horrible for the trainer 😱 Team three with increasing weights and nobody lifts the same. Run together but one want to stay inside 😱😱😱 It was a…
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Wednesday: “Meter maid”

Let’s just look at Sara Boge and remember it as a fine day. We competed , and I lost , as usual😭 She makes sure it gets recorded for the future 👍🏻

Tuesday: “Fortitude”

It’s not often I say «I just love it 😍 AND hate it 😭 This workout is like that. It really tests your character. Petronille just dying. Ståle and Mia doing the burpees right even if there are plenty of reasons to give your self a break. Magnus struggling in silence. Decided to bike it…
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Monday: Tailspin !

3 RM Thrusting with a feisty wod for dessert 🧁 Magnus said : «So what du you say coach. Should we keep braking records even if we are past fifty ? » I said : YES 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😄 Laila is a diva. She needed some compliments and padding on the bar before she put on the…
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Lørdag : Bring a friend

For me this was the best bring a friend ever ! Benedicte brought three friends with her. One of them was really worried 😟 She looked at the 11 class and said : «No , I don’t really wanna do this » I told her that my job as her «friend» was to make the…
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Fredag : BFF

Me and Sofie having most of the classes these days. Whatever one of us experienced having the class we share with the other. We want the hour to be as positive, good, meaningful and fun as possible for you. Some pay close attention while others are just doozin off 😜 Mats is back 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 He…
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Torsdag : «Bar rescue” og fri bar på Bryggen 😜

Det er faktisk noe som selger bedre i Norge en halvnakne damer på panseret. Gratis øl !!! DET elsker vi 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Siden svensken er så sykt populær måtte jeg bruke det trikset i dag. Jeg lagde en sykt tung økt og ga alle på timen Corona med lime etterpå😀 Det var god stemning 👻 Av…
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