Måned: juni 2019

This is Crossfit

Wednesday: Nancy

One of the original «girls» workouts 🏋️‍♀️. For time 👍🏻 As a personal trainer you work with one client at the time. How many years do you think it will take before they see and try to correct as many variations as I saw today ? After having these classes 😜 Friday Marcus will have…
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Tuesday: “Water Brake”

I’m easing in to the blogging again. So ….. power cleans: Rowing: Burpees: The board:

Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday and Monday

So I went to Germany 🇩🇪 and the blog went down the drain. One week without blogging 😱 That’s not the only problems I’ve had. My sisters kid wanted to bring NIKE to Adi Dasslers country 🙈🙈🙈 I said no 😂 Then we arrived this great nation and took pictures of the rock work.😆 Back…
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Til Mia og Gøril

…. som ikke har Facebook men satser på Tekst TV og Mail På Torsdag blir det kjempegøy ! Snorre

Tirsdag : «Helen»

Stian hadde «morgentimen» klokken 11.00 (Vi står ikke så tidlig opp på Bryggen:) Ryktene sier de holdt på i 65 minutter 😱 Gud veit åssen de klarte det. Vi varmet opp. Øvde. Varmet opp mer. Tok Helen på 11 minutter. Ryddet. Tok en Tabatamagetortur , og …. enda var det 15 minutter igjen på klokken…
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Mandag: Escape from wonderland

In the summer we get lots of drop ins. Crossfiters from all over the world visiting Bryggen for one workout. They are always friendly and willing to share a little bit of their lives and how their «box» is organized. Sometimes they leave a comment about us. I know I’m not that great, but we…
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Sunday : Kettlebell workshop

Henrik offeret to host å Kettlebell workshop since KB is popular at Bryggen and we are soon starting «Advanced Kettlebell » classes. I’m surprised two spots where not sold. Being able to play all songs in the world using C D G on the guitar hardly makes you a musician. It can get you laid…
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Lørdag : Bring a friend

Tomorrow at 12.00 Henrik is doing a Kettlebell workshop. I know it’s gonna be really good. There are two places left. Bring a friend is always good fun and great conditioning work. And a perfect way to show your friends what crossfiters do Rakan tøffet seg for nybegynnerjentene 😜 Snorre kjørte old school leie triks.…
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Torsdag : There is no free lunch 🥗

Yes, it is … I have prof 😀 The got of work early and «Tyggen» from the local store said he had soup for me. (He is trying to make soup great again, so he makes lots of soup once a week.) Me and Jack are VIP soup people. Soooo I was eating my soup…
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Onsdag : «chest hair”

Men først 3 RM Thrusters. DA kvikner de sterke til. Det guddommelige lyset skinner ned på dem. De løfter hva som helst over hodet sitt. Damene stopper å trene og bare ser på de. Under woden hadde vi et lite «crossfit moment» Alle heiet på det lille dyret til hun kom seg i mål. God…
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