Måned: april 2019

This is Crossfit

Monday : Heavy enough ?

Stians wod was very popular and heavy enough. Here we have the most tired person in the universe get help to finish 👻 Some just look hot Chona wanted to be in the picture, so a bit difficult to see the scores 🙈 Stone Age Facebook

Sommerfest blogg !!!

Dette er Facebook for dere uten Facebook

Summer party 🎉

Wednesday is a «red day» so most people are not working. That gives us the perfect opportunity to have our annual summer party. It’s actually a celebration of Bryggens birthday 🎂 It’s an informal event. Come as you pleas. Drink some beers 🍺 and play some games. Looks like we saved a bit on the…
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Saturday: Marathon BAF

«When you compromise and you fail it really hurts. It hurts even more than failing at what you love. I learned that you can fail at what you don’t love so you might as well do what you love. There is really no choice to be made.» – Jim Carrey -TP

Thursday: “Isometric inferno”

Sometimes it’s hard to find words. Lots of things happened at Bryggen today, and I’m not sure anybody had control over the situation at any given time😂 Let’s just enjoy the pictures 👍🏻 Happy birthday coach 🐣

Hello world!

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Wednesday “Count to ten”

Today we went heavy 😎 It’s important to remember that the only way to get strong is to lift heavy objects. The more you lift , the stronger you get. But first …. 200 meter jump rope😜 Then 100 heavy swings and squats, push-ups during the breaks 🤨 Joined the «Fitness» class with Emilie. She…
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Tirsdag : «Jan Nytun»

Jan Nytun er mest kjent som en oppvigler og utbryter. Før han tok laksetrappen og ble avbildet i en trapp, jobbet han på Bryggen. I dag mintes vi denne store mannen med en av hans signatur økter. Økten var meget populær både hos det rosa laget Og det brune laget Før jeg gikk på jobb…
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Fredag : God påske

I crossfitverden er alle venner akkurat som i kardemomme by. Jack said he could ski 🎿 that was true Spurte Rakan om han ville være med til Myrkdalen. Han sa : ……… » Ja det går bra » Men det gikk ikke bra 😂😂😂 Fant billig rom med masse sengeplass på nett 😳 God påske…
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Wednesday: Team Hell !

Synchronized team wod is just horrible crappy crappy crap 💩 if you team up with the wrong person 😂😂😂 Thierry and I are not gonna be back before after Easter 🐣 We left the gym in perfect condition so all you have to remember is : -If you leave the gym in a tiny better…
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