Måned: desember 2018

This is Crossfit

Saturday: BAF!

This is the end. The blog is taking a Christmas break 🎄 However CrossFit Bryggen will still be opened and we will hold few classes everyday. #TheBoxThatNeverSleeps 🌃🌇 24-25-26/12 we will have Julewod which will be team workouts made by Gabor and Stian. Until we see again I wish you have a pleasant time with…
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Friday: Front Squat & CrossFit HQ WOD 181208

«We want to fuel a revolution in fitness that advocates the pursuit of function, not form—that measures performance, not anatomy. We want rings and bumper plates in our gyms, not machines. We believe that where you train is less important than how you train and that who you train with matters more than what gear…
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Thursday: Fem

Quiet day at Bryggen. Slowly but surely people are on their way to their Christmas holidays 🎄 Team workout at the program today with ring muscles up. To me this movement is king but only few can make it. Yet it’s good to show/have all the CrossFit movements. -TP

Wednesday: deadlift & Alt. EMOM

Snorre came by the office this morning. Early surprises for the trainers and last goodbyes before leaving for family time and a long drive to go there. He hugged Dushyantan and then asked Mikus if he wanted one too for «god Jul»… and Mikus said no 😂 At the program, a bit of deadlifts and…
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Tuesday: Rich

I spend hours reading about CrossFit (by the way I recommend you to check out the journal on www.crossfit.com it’s full of interesting things), looking for wods, watching videos, etc. Doesn’t make me any better (or very little) but there is always something to learn and so to share. As we say in French «at…
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Monday: Asker

Today I received by mail a request to terminate a contract from one of our «historical» members who moves away. As proud as I can be, that message made me sad. There are some persons with this amazing charisma, true magnet to people. There are some persons who, like it or not, change you for…
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Saturday: Bring A Friend

When you attend the Level 1 you are facing experienced trainers. Most probably a Level 4 as head coach and multiple Level 3 as assistants. The way they show you the movements as it supposed to be done, how they keep tension in their bodies (you can read this on their faces) and then you…
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Friday : Team WOD

It’s Friday. Let’s do something more fun than blogging 🤓 Cool wod 😎

Thursday: Overhead Squat & CFHQ WOD 180320

Day one of our new installation. The morning team Mikus & Jørn were there to check it out and do their squats and strength program. The day was not busy probably because the workout was a combinaison of practice Overhead Squats and a short and intensive metcon. As CrossFit is constantly varied! A good day…
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Wednesday: Drammen

If there is no last minute trouble while I write these lines, we will open the new barbell room for training tomorrow! 🚧 It won’t be completely finished but you will be able to enjoy the new space and racks in the former office/coffee place. We are all very excited about this project and fortunately…
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