Måned: oktober 2018

This is Crossfit

Wednesday: Fortitude

This classic workout is rough on the mind. The 11’th point of fitness could be «mental toughness» 😅 Burpees and rowing for 30 minutes makes you look like …. Kristin who decided in the last moment to do 11/11 since I did it 😂 Here she is like «whatta fu.. happened » 😳 Some tired…
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Tuesday: Small Animal and Bench Press

Now I have traveled to California twice and visited lots of crossfit boxes. So many have strength or technique training before the wod. That’s great. But if you don’t have time talking about the lift, and lifting so you get a good strength workout , well then you are just paying lip service to the…
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Monday: Coffee Baileys

Gave you all a strange wod today. Short of an push pull interval workout. Bring sally up seemed like a nice warm up before the wod Lots of butt training at Bryggen 😜 The rowers looked happy 😅🤪 Marina working out the front. Snorre focusing on the back. The board ;

Lørdag : Bring a friend

It’s possible to survive without training. The last years of your life will probably be shit but you made it. Ask you doctor and she will probably tell you that being alive without sickness is more than enough. But is it ? Being able to do a pull up. Jump on a box. Run 200…
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Friday : “BAD”

Today’s workout was supposed to be every 3 minutes. Not on the min x3 But since we fucked it up from the beginning we decided to keep it. After all you are lab rats in a experiment anyways 😂 I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ about Thierry’s warm up but mine was great. Well one of them…
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Thursday: “Baseline”

When I arrived Bryggen Henrik was having his famous Kettlebell class. It’s a cool class. Old school movements that gives you maximum bang for your buck, and some technique training over time. The strength part today was The Squat. It would take hundreds of pages to discuss this movement. It’s «The king of all exercises»…
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Wednesday: “Jack”

I’m back from California. It’s the bear 🐻 state. It’s bears everywhere!! Alongside the road In boats On hats and socks They climb on signs and houses and cars ! And in the trash But besides that I did not see one. Maybe it’s fake. Like the moon landing 🤪 I even bicycled around with…
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Tuesday : Valde

“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community” – Greg Glassman Congrats today for their PRs to : • Rebecca in all the Powerlifting movements • Luise in Bench and Shoulder Press • Arild in varied barbell movements…
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Monday : Strict Press & Santa Cruz

Snorre wants us to be strong and the Strict Press is a great movement for that. That was our first part of the workout today. Then Santa Cruz in Team 2 with a lot of work and rest as we like in CrossFit. Nothing heavy and everyone was happy afterwards even though we had to…
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Friday : Push Press & Davis

Push Press for 3 sets of 3 reps today as introduction. This lift is a progression in the presses that starts by the Shoulder Press also knows as Strict Press and ends with the Push Jerk. The CrossFit Level 1 says : «These lifts are enormous aids to developing the power zone which include the…
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