Måned: september 2018

This is Crossfit

Søndag: Workout Of the Month !!!

Per varter opp med WOM i år igjen👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Denne søndagen var det bare kroppsvekt øvelser. Stine sa hun kunne ta litt bilder. «Litt» var å underdrive. Jeg har aldri sett så mange bilder 😳😳😳 Messengeren min kortsluttet av overbelastning. Dette er en tusendel 😜 Vi maler resultatene opp på tavlen en av dagene. Her er…
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Saturday: ARNOLD! and Bring a friend

Monica and Chona decided that «training camps» at Playa de la Coconut with some Instagram «pleas like me» person was overpriced. Soooooo … They made their own training tour 👏🏻👏🏻 Arnold Classic in Barcelona, with ARNOLD. And as many CrossFit Boxes as you like. Now they are giving me nightmares cause chances are they will…
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Friday: Maupin

Maupin is French and means «give me a double portion please» it’s like «Go large» in America 😜 Me and Anders was smart and did it as a team two. (Half portion each) Dandyish Dave was not smart 😅 I had a beginners course with only two persons. They where great. Even learned some weightlifting…
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Thursday: “Førde»

Today’s wod was tough on the gluteus maximus. We all went for three rounds, or to beat Roland. Some did and some did not 😫🙈👻 Kettlebell with Henrik is from another planet 🌎 The low skill gang are sneak training high skill stuff. Or maybe they really are high skill but doing lots of low…
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Onsdag: Myrdal

Sto opp tittet ut vinduet og forventet katastrofe tilstander. Men nei , alt som vanlig. Gøy wod i dag ! Få repetisjoner av vanskelige ting. Til og med jeg tok noen trippel unders og muscle up. Hvis dere gikk glipp av det så er det bare et år til neste gang 😜 Har kjøpt inn…
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Tuesday: Ustaoset

Thierry continues with his Tour of Norway 🇳🇴 Joined the class , and liked the short workout. I know a lot of you want the wods to be long, Always! BUT , Bryggen is not a «calorie burning camp» We want you to train as good as possible. A total of 25-50 heavy reps are…
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Mandag: «Bonnie and Clyde»

The famous bank robbing Love story re enacted at Bryggen:) It was a love hate feeling doing the handstand walk or wall walk. The two minute hang also in the Love and Hate category. At Reebok CrossFit Bryggen we don’t do «girls training» and «boys workouts» That’s a lot of horse shit. We have «Powerlifting…
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Saturday: Bring a friend

Saturday and Sunday are good times. Bring a friend with Roland Per helping with some weightlifting 🏋️ Making fun of Dush’s food habits

Friday : «The Admiral»

Drank coffee ☕️ Ove did the wod 🙂 He did really well cause he is very strong. Even if he had to do pull-ups and box jumps with 110 kg body weight he was flying 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Try putting on a 30 kg back pack and do the wod 😂 Chona did the wod 🙈 The…
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Thursday: “Leikanger”

What is CrossFit ? It’s constantly varied functional movements performed with high intensity. It’s the 10 points of fitness. It’s Work +Distance divided by time. «Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains» All this does not make anybody understand anything about what is going on at a crossfit place. Crossfit is Olympic Weightlifting…
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