Måned: august 2018

This is Crossfit

Friday : Mai 68

Snorre is back! He came at night to build this stupid gate to irritate me so I’ve received messages asking how upset I was about it! 🔨🚧😆 Well a little to be honest, and I think I might have smashed the air pipe taking the boxes down 😂 but I’m happy he is back! Snorre…
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Thursday : Waltzing Mathilda

I love the morning. This is the best time of the day to come to CrossFit Bryggen. I generally put soul music to which once June said «can’t you put something more energetic?» so I answered «oh but it’s the morning oh!» ; but Alte & Rich like it so soul it is! And this…
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Wednesday: But Gravity Always Wins

The rain is back and the gym is quiet. Because you pretend you have a PowerPoint to finish but in the fact you are just laying on your couch under a blanket while eating cheese and drinking tea! Don’t pretend : you look by the window and … «argh that will be my rest day…
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Tuesday : Paul Pena

Paul Pena was an army captain who died in Afghanistan. So CrossFit made a Hero Wod in his honor. This one is pretty cool : high intensity intervals with 3 minutes breaks in between rounds. Few reps but heavy on a 7 rounds workout. The weather was great today so the run enjoyable. Alright now…
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Monday : je t’aime moi non plus

According to the Guinness Book of Records the second most popular thing to do in Bergen after going to a concert of Kygo is coming to CrossFit Bryggen Monday at 19. This Monday again I had to add an extra class which meant that at 19 there was : – Kettlebell Class – Strengh Training…
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Bring A friend & Nybegynner kurs

Today i was prepared for chaos, after checking the bookings last night I realized we should had put in an extra bring a friend class. But it was already too late, so I did my best. Stayed a bit longer yesterday to set up the class properly and boy did it work just fine! Roughly…
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Friday: America Oh Yeah

Today was A really busy and fun day, Thierry started of the day and I had the evening classes. The workout was a good 20min team 2 workout with a lot of thrusters! It was great to see how everyone gives that little extra in team-wods! it’s super cool to se all the new members,…
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Breaking Down Barriers

Thursday : Everyday is leg day

So let start by a bad news : our amazing* vending machine is officially dead. So you can look at the nice stuff inside and cry not getting anything. Should be fixed within the week or in 14 days at max … if nothing happen then just wait for like ever. But you know patience…
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