Måned: juli 2018

This is Crossfit

Tuesday : 2018 qualifier wod 3

Today we did a team-variation of the qualifier wod from earlier this year. It was great. 👍🏽 Teamwod makes you go a little bit harder than you normally would and it’s great to share the joy/pain with somebody else 😂 The A-team have started their own programming with rainy-Tuesday-runs and yoga. Results:

Monday : CrossFit HQ 180123

Oh yes it seems that you are back. When I arrived I saw many people waiting for the 17 class to start and the Open Gym side was packed too. Lot of noise and energy in the room. Soon we will go back to our normal schedule as I was asked today. The workout today…
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Friday : Mind Eraser

This workout worked so well that I forgot to write the blog about it. Friday was absolute madness. I felt passing out at any time because of the heat and I’m from «Syden»! ☀️💦 I know what I’m talking about. What a shame this year for all the bergensere who paid that much money to…
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Thursday: Hard core & Fort Come Papa

Today we had 2 workouts, one «easy» one and one hard one. You decide what is what.

Wednesday : Alt. EMOM + Row for meters

It has been a long journey since my brothers Vili, Vé & I killed Ymir. From his flesh we fashioned the Earth 🌏 From his blood the oceans 🌊 From his bones the mountains ⛰ From his hair the trees 🌳🌲 From his brain the clouds ☁️ From his skull the heaven 🌟 And from…
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Tuesday : Snake Bite

I have to confess that I am not in a good mood. Every time I pass the door, our gym, your gym is full of shit. I spend almost 1h every day just putting back things from where they belong : wall balls on their shelves, belts in the bucket, weights & barbells on their…
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Monday : Smooth Criminal

Stuffy day today. The workout was a bit heavy and it was difficult to breath. All of a sudden this «tropical» rain came and I even saw the sun shining behind the clouds for a moment. First part of the workout was to practice Deadlift and look for a 3RM. Then the wod with cardio…
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Bring A friend

Friday : Triple 2/3

Today’s wod was an easier version of the original triple 3. We just did 2/3 of the original 👍🏽 weather was amazing so running outside was a great pleasure, but not for everyone 🤪 Little Liam joined for some running as well 😁 All athletes finished the workout today, and it was awesome to see…
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Thursday: CrossFit HQ 180607

So I remember saying that Wednesday was easy. Obviously Thursday had to be harder! I picked up the workout from the best of the best, our great leaders : CrossFit HQ. #Cult #LoveHateRelationship #DontAskQuestionsJustDoTheFuckingWorkout 20 minutes to give all in an AMRAP in which everyone would have a movement she/he wouldn’t be good at would…
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