Måned: mai 2018

This is Crossfit

Thursday: Team “Jerry”

So I’m gonna make the blog now. I have already edited the pictures but not decided what to write. Could be anything 😜 All the cruise 🚢 ships are gone. But tomorrow they will be back 😫 If I’m out of luck is gonna be the German «Aida». Cheap cruise for cheap Germans. They usually…
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Onsdag : The Muscle Up and «Spin Doctor»

Thierry maser fælt på at vi må øve på ditt og datt. Jeg er litt mer lunken. Mumler inni meg at folk får lære seg pull ups og dips først. Men i dag hadde vi i alle fall 15 minutter muscle up , eller lignende på tavlen. Jeg har prøvd ta en bar muscle up…
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Tuesday: Burpees and Squats!

Since we did 300 air squats yesterday it felt natural to program 45-90 heavy back squats today. Just to toughen you all up a bit 😂😂😂 Matthew is super strong and super light. Good combination today , so he did well 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thierry tried to karate kick in my window when he caught me sneak…
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Monday: MURPH

Murph er en legendarisk økt av mange årsaker. Mannen den er oppkalt etter er en kjent amerikansk soldat. Woden har blitt gjort i crossfit games flere ganger. Den blir gjort i hele verden på «veterans day» hvert år. Osv … Superkult at så mange av de nye kom og ble med i dag enda de…
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Saturday: The King Cod

Roland is the King of «Bring a friend» Why ? …. Because Roland makes fun workouts out of the strict rules we have for those wods. He also have a natural way of making people feel welcome. Show them the movements, but not to much. Just enough so they understand. Since I had BAF today…
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Friday : Snatch and pistols

Max effort attempts in the snatch today. Some managed to set a new record. After we did a fun wod with Double Unders , Pistol squats and Snatch. Good day all in all 😅

Thursday: “Kelly”

Bryggen is an organism and you are part of it 🙂 We work out hard together, but at the same time we are individuals with different goals dreams and opinions about training, and life in general. That opens up for a lot of fun 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 As you all know I’m not a big fan of…
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Wednesday: The Ghost

The wod made everybody look like walking dead 💀 Dangerous Dave actually looked like he could be the lead singer in the Swedish band named …. «Ghost» 😂😂😂 I made a nice collage so you could see for your self 😜 The board ; The egentrening in the weightlifting room is getting weirder and weirder.…
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Tuesday: 1RM Clean and Jerk

Buzy day for the coach 🤪😅 Lifters in all categories class after class. The quest for ass of the year continues 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁 One of the classes was only girls !!! Great class 😜 The tavle;

Saturday : Bring A Friend

Saturday in CrossFit Bryggen temple we have our biggest celebration. And Gabor was the man in charge. Of course as you know him, he had something a bit challenging as Toes to Bar in the workout… and a crazy warm up! At first he asked all of the classes to take their shoes off and…
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