Måned: mars 2018

This is Crossfit

Thursday : Angie meets Annie

First time of our «holidays wod» yesterday! The idea is, for those still in town, to have a challenging team workout. So then we took two famous girls benchmarks, Angie & Annie, mixed them together and got crazy combo! 😜 And even in 30 minutes time cap that was very tricky to finish! The movements…
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Wednesday : Jack

The gym is quiet and the sun is shinning : that’s real happiness! The workout was Jack: a Hero wod of 20 minutes involving «heavy» push presses, American KB swings and Box Jumps. Many people in the morning so we had to put an extra class. People are really eager to train! Gøril & Jokkis…
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Tuesday : Karen went crazy

The workout looked crazier than it actually was. The idea as to make a double Karen in team 2 without dropping the ball or resting. If it happens then you had to do 1 burpee each. So at the end it appeared many team didn’t do any Burpees! The morning class was so impressive that…
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Monday : Sharing is caring

The Open is dead, Long live the Open! I’m glad it’s over. Five weeks of competition is too much but I understand the selection to the upper level (Regionals, Games) takes time and that we can’t have all our movements and standards in three workouts. The more we have wods the more the selection is…
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Friday : 18.5

This year we had the opportunity to finish The Open without doing Thrusters, but no 😂 The vote was yes, we love them. The worse the better 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂 Monica hated it and loved it. Martine did her first 3 chest to bar ever ! And Vilde came for a visit 👍🏻

Thursday: Row Intervals

Thursday’s are buzy. The wods are going all day. Henke has a Kettlebell class , and you can also do Olympic Weightlifting 🏋🏿‍♀️. I did actually, for the first time ever. Just like Glen Mills trained Jamaica 🇯🇲, I can teach you the weightlifting basics without being able to do much myself 👍🏻 Marcus was…
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Wednesday: 60/60

In crossfit we like to grab something medium , and lift it multiple times. The strong ones, that can breathe wins. But what happens if you make it a bit heavy? One of the ten points of fitness is strength. And strength has the quality that it is functional in it self. Strength is not…
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Tuesday : Skam (Thierry POV)

So we had Hard Core as warm up today. You know the stuff that make your abs in fire in only 6 minutes. Then the main course was Skam : 20 rounds of rowing and wall ball. Short interval work as it was one round each with one working at a time. The idea is…
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Tuesday: “SKAM” (Snorre POV)

This Norwegian TV show is the most popular thing NRK ever made !!! So we made a wod called «Shame» 20 Rounds in teams of two with 200 meters Row + 10 Wall Balls A crappy warm up helps you get in to the shaming mood 😂😂😂 PS If you work out at Bryggen long…
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Monday : “500 swings”

The 10.000 kB swing workout by Dan John is legendary. 20 days within a month you do 500 swings. You will love it in the beginning. Then you will get bored, and finally start to hate it. Your hands will look like raw meat 🥩 😫😫😫 It’s a challenge! Today we did one day. It…
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