Måned: desember 2017

This is Crossfit


I pass the door, say hello to the friendly faces who are already there. I open the office and get changed. Then I go to clean the board, probably the floor a little, and put the forgotten items into the «lost & found» box. I take several colorful pieces of chalk and and figure out…
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12 dager av Julen

Yesterday was the saddest day of my life. The storm was coming. I knew it. And I was washed off by the waves. Waves of words. Some said, some unspoken. And I sank. Swallowed by the sea. I’ve asked myself if I should write today. I could have left it like that. Who would care…
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Jack Team 2

Spending so much time at Bryggen, thinking Bryggen, breathing Bryggen, make me feel that I will slowly turn like Snorre. Like complaining about the cruise boats, saying to Elisabeth «har du lagd kafeen? Nei?! Du får sparken!», giving shit about the warm up and trying to teach any Swedish girl the difference between «kjede» &…
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The Chief

This morning I made them run between obstacles during the warm up. Something that Gabor could have made. He is the specialist for fun warm up and Double Unders. Have you seen him practicing? He is looking at you behind his glasses like a shrink «hum hum and how does it make you feel like?…
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Open 14.2/15.2

The more we are getting closer to Christmas the less people show. Lots are back home already I suppose. Still it is very pleasant, always, to come down to the pier. Mia came to me and gave me many compliments for the blog. She is an angel 😇 and a strong athlete. Also she is…
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Quand le chat n’est pas là, les souris dansent* 🐭🐱

This is my first entry to the blog so I’m a little proud. Im writing this while drinking wine because I’m French : that’s our culture, our «patrimoine» like we have more cheese than there is people in Bergen or we know better whatsoever you are talking about and if not we will end up…
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Lørdag : Ta med en venn

Hver lørdag har vi muligheten til å ta med en venn som er «grønnsak» uten at det ødelegger timen, eller ender med døden.

Fredag: Online coaching🤪

Snorre startet dagen med baileys og kaffe før han tok morgentimen. Veldig god stemning så tidlig om morgenen:) Some fucker gave me the finger and ruined my sneak photo of girls lifting weights. Ricard scratched his but and talked with Eirik. Seline is back from Australia with longer eyelashes. «The egg 🥚 » keeps practicing,…
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Torsdag : Bare bra !

Per hadde løfting i løfterommet og alle løftet masse bra løft. Etterpå kom han inn i woderommet og løftet litt på woden. Jeg har en mistanke om at det bare er oss på Bryggen som løper ute om vinteren.

Onsdag: Santa Lucia

Denne dagen har vi stjålet fra svenskene. Emilie og Eline laget «lussekatter» til hele Bryggen. Det blei det god stemning av😀 Tusen takk 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 På sprinten med Lena var det «innendørs på stedet hvil» løping med strikk. Bjørnar imponerte voldsomt på dagens wod. Hadde det ikke vært for at Mikus sto så nærme reaktoren på…
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