Måned: august 2017

This is Crossfit

Thursday: The eagle from the north !

Today we had an ass-kicker of a WOD. Lunges and pistols will fix your «rompeloff» problems once and for all. Hilde from Bodø visited us for two days. She was a great sport. Friendly and happy like people in great shape usually are. Hope she returns soon cause we liked her a lot ❤️

Wednesday: Adidas FTW

What do you need to do if you wanna beat Chona ? Not very much. Just put on a pair of Adidas and GO ! As we all know, Adidas has been the choice of cool people since Jesse Owens pissed off Hitler in Berlin 1936, and Run DMC walked this way in the 80’s.…
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Tirsdag: Ove Hordnes

Olympisk Vektløfting er veldig populært i CrossFit. Disse to løftene er ikke lett å lære. Heller ikke lære bort. Brødrene Hordnes er solide løftere med stort hjerte. De lærer oss vanlig dødelige alt vi trenger kunne om kunsten å hoppe tunge ting opp i luften. På tirsdagene lager Ove en utfordrende økt , og leder…
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Mandag: KB med Henke og «Leftovers»

Kettlebell med Henrik er superpopulære timer. Vi utvider til 2 ganger i uken fra neste uke. Tavlewoden var klassisk crossfit. Veldig gøyt. Oppvarmingen var «the fish game» utrolig bra spill som følger gratis med romaskinen 🙂

The beginners !

These people will fit right in at Bryggen. Soon they are all married and in great shape 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Saturday: Beginners and «Kill a friend» 😂

This week has for some reason just been awesome 👏🏻Bring a friend was «Hæla i taket» and the beginners course worked out great. Lots of happy people trying hard to understand what the h… I was talking about 😂😂😂 Vilde and Lise won chocolate 🍫 for cutest couple. «Brown class» looks extraordinarily cool for the…
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Friday: «Nancy»

Some days are better than others. Yesterday was good 😊 Today we upgraded to great 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Coach Rotback had a chat with somebody his own age during the morning class. The overhead squat is a very difficult and challenging movement. It reveals your weaknesses, and challenges your mental toughness. Today beginners , intermediates and pro’s…
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Thursday: «Henri»

Great day at Reebok CrossFit Bryggen ! We spent the whole warmup talking about the deadlift. The basic barbell movements are my specialty. It’s great to coach when you know shit loads on the subject. Jack came to me after class and said ; «The sitting down on the chair thing, solved all my problems»…
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Wednesday: The Chief

Today we did a legendary workout. Well maybe not that legendary, but we like it 🙂 The summer is over. Crossfit Bryggen is filling up again. Lots of people on the classes , and the beginners courses are fully booked. We are trying to make cool adjustments, to make Reebok CrossFit Bryggen not only the…
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Tirsdag: Helen !

Helen er en benchmark workout. Full gass fra start til mål 🙂