Måned: mai 2017

This is Crossfit

Onsdag: klassisk crossfit

I dag var det lett og gøy med litt puls. T3 med løping , roing , wallballs , burpees og utfall. Snorre var med. Han var kjempeflink ! 

Tirsdag: «The broomstick mile» 

Dagens økt er laget av samme mannen som 10.000 KB swing, Dan John !  Litt tull og tøys på oppvarmingen  Så , for å tiltrekke oss flere mannlige medlemmer, har vi bare løftebabes på bloggen i dag. 

Monday: «Murph»

Today we did the legendary workout named after a fallen American soldier. Also done in the CrossFit Games.  Lots of tired people.  Kettlebell with Henrik made Henriette tired. But not for long. She did Murph 5 min later. Stig and Charlotte look like they did not train at all 🙂 They are in to good…
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Fredag: Sharing is Caring

Today We had A guest instructor: Mr. Gabor!  Lots of people and lots of fun! 

Onsdag: A New Chapter

Kjekt å løfte litt tungt! 

Tuesday: Come out and have a drink with us.

Since most people are not working on Thursday, AND «Vaskeriet» have their famous «Silent disco» on Wednesdays. Let’s go out and have some fun together. Don’t come later than 22.00 unless you just loooove standing in line for hours.  Today’s workout was «Starfish» 🙂  Here are the result from last time (2.june)

Sunday: «Sneak training»

Sunday afternoon is the best time for training without to many finding out what you are doing. It’s a must for sneaky athletes:) 

Bring A friend!