Måned: april 2017

This is Crossfit

Bring A friend!

Today’s bring a friend was a «amrap Ladder». First round was one repetition of all exercises, 2nd round was 2 repetitions of all exercises… and so on for 20min. Very fun and challenging!

Saturday: Powerlifting!

The Norwegian championship in powerlifting is going on these days. Bryggen have 3 lifters in the competition. Today Sarah and Seline hit the podium. They won best lifter over all. Best deadlift. Best squat. Best in their class.  Prettiest girls. Coolest club and best looking coaches over all. Two thumbs up for the both of…
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Torsdag: Alltid god stemning på olympisk vektløfting med Per 

Mens andre crossfitboxer leter etter en god vektløfter, så har vi det helt topp med Per på Bryggen. Superhyggelig og flink trener. Blir i godt humør av å spionere på timene hans. Dagens fotografer er Thea og Marcus.  Dagens wod var en klassisk crossfit bryggen sommer wod. God stemning på «Day dreamer»   

Wednesday: «Hard ass»

Roland warmed up his fans with games and fun. Chona does not like to loose. Not even the warm up:)  The name of the wod says it all. Good luck sitting down tomorrow.  ​​ «Get strong» is nice and easy. Lots of rest between sets.  – The «hard ass» board 

Tuesday: «Helen» and secret of the blog!!!

Every day I make the blog. I have no idea if anybody reads it, but the blog must go on:)  First of all, the blog has some readers. Secondly; Most of the workouts you do have a name. If you Google «Helen CrossFit Bryggen»  … Wopsido !!!! All «Helen» workouts at Bryggen will list. You…
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Mandag: Klokov Complex 

I started all my classes today with the question: «Who is Klokov» ?  I was surprised to learn that 50 % did not know who he was ( most of them girls) !!!???  What’s wrong with you ? Klokov is one of the big heroes of CrossFit. And as I said, hotter than Brad Pitt.…
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Søndagspumping ! 

Søndagspumping ala Arnold er den beste pumpingen. Stripperne blir helt ville. 

Friday: «The French tiger-wolf» 

Thierry was substituting at CF Bryggen today. He always aims high and fils the our with all sorts of animal stuff. 

Torsdag: Snatch Practice & Squat Hell

På dagens økt fikk Marcus (oppe til høyre) vist hvem som Squatter mest. 76 reps på kroppsvekt UTEN å slippe stangen!  Veldig mye forbedring på Squat Snatch også! Ikke glem å øve litt på egenhånd også 👍🏽