Måned: mars 2014

This is Crossfit

Lørdag: bring a friend

In teams of two: 20min Amrap 1xbox jump 1xpush press 30/20 1xgoblet squat 24/16 First one person does one round, then other person does one round. On second time increase all movements with 1 rep. Keep adding 1 rep every time you finish a round. Sun’s out guns out! Good times in the sun at…
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Fredag: CrossFit games open 14.5

For time: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 -thrusters 42,5/30 -bar facing Burpees over bar

Torsdag: The broomstick mile

All movements AND running done with a broomstick. 25 back squats 25 front squats 25 oh squats Run 400m 25 shoulder press 25 push press 26 push jerk Run 400m 50 squat cleans Run 400m 50 power snatch Run 400m Results and Mijo!

Onsdag: deadlift day

Dagens sterkeste med 5×200

Tirsdag: front-knebøy og en 12min Smrsm

Styrke Finn Max i Front-bøy DØ (dagens økt) 12 min SMRSM 6x 1fots knebøy 1x lengde bjørnekryping 2x baklengs veggklatring 1x lengde bjørnekryping

Mandag: benk + Helen + Open

Styrke: Benkpress 10-10-10 Start på 70% av 1rm. Legg på en kilo i uken. F.eks. 1rm=80kg -> 70%=56kg Uke1: 10×56-10×56-10×56 Uke2: 10×57-10×57-10×57 Osv. Wod: Helen 3 rounds for time 400m run 21 american kb swings 24/16 12 pull ups Resultater: Marit løftet 107,5kg i snitt i benk!!>

Lørdag: Bring a friend

A) In teams of two 16 min Amrap 5 box jumps 6 g2oh 15/10 7 sit ups 8 Oh lunges 9 Air squats One exercise each One working at The time B) For time: 100 kb swings 24/16 100 burpees 100 push ups Divide and spilt as wanted, in any order. One person working at…
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Fredag: bench-day + bursdags Wod

Strength: Bench press 10-10-10 Wod: 15min amrap 3 chin ups 6 pistols /18 Air squats 9 Russian kb swings 32/24 Run 2 fence’n’back w/15/10 Oh (If you drop it, do 5 burpees)

Torsdag: tabata heaven

5x tabata in a row -air squats -Burpees -box jumps -sit ups -jumping lunges Results: Inzumi Tabata Oppfinner av Tabata.

Onsdag: ironman Complex

3 RFT 7 backsquats 7 kipping pull-ups 5 oh squats 5 c2b pull-ups 3 s2oh 3 dead hang pull-ups 5 hang power clean 5 Burpee pull-ups 7 frontsquats 7 t2b