Måned: juli 2012

This is Crossfit

«The Litvinov workout»

Take 10% off your 5 RM Back Squat. Then …. Squat it as many times as possible and sprint 70 m. Repeat for a total of 5 rounds. The Litvinov Workout by Dan John An amazing thing happened in 1983. I went on a date. Okay, that was a joke, because everybody knows that during…
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Mikus og Rodrigo FTW ! (Veldig hyggelig på nybegynner timen)

 «Lacee Kovacs ladder» 20 Min AMRAP One person working at a time Both completes round one before starting on round 2 -1 Clean & Jerk 60/40kg -1 Burpee Pullup -10 Double unders -2 Clean & Jerk 60/40kg -2 Burpee Pullup -20 Double unders ETC!……

Girl power at Reebok CrossFit Bryggen

«The bar mile» With an empty bar 15kg/20kg 25 front squats 25 back squats 25 overhead squats 400m run 25 presses 25 push presses 25 push jerks 400m run 50 cleans 400m run 50 snatches 400m run  

Hell, hell and hell !

‎3 stops before happiness Amrap 10 min 5 squat cleans 30/40 2 rope climbs 2 Wall walks Amrap 10 min Farmer walks 16/24 Sprint samme lengde frem og tilbake. 20 KB Swings 24/16 kg Amrap 7 min Boxjumps m/burpees. Score = total rounds wins!! Runar tøffet seg for jentene, mens resten av boxen gikk fra…
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Parter wod at Reebok CrossFit Bryggen

In teams of two, one partner will work while the other rests. 5 x 2 min rounds of: 7 Chest to bar pull ups 12 weighted situps 45/25# (hold weight to your chest or forehead) row max meters in time remaining Rest 2 minutes while partner goes Score is the total number of meters rowed…
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Wallballs and Squats

A. Half «Karen» for time (75 wallballs 6/10kg) B. For time;                        400 m. run                        30 Backsquat A. 35/50 B. 30/40 C. 15/20                        400 m. run                        20 Frontsquat A.B.C.                        400 m. run                        10 Overheadsquat A.B.C

Løfting med Per, og løfting med Snorre. I dag var alle kjempeflinke !

WOD: A. 5-5-5-5-5 Split Jerk  up to 70 % 1 RM             B. 10 min. amrap in teams of two : 5 ring pushups – 5 handstand pushup             C. 8 min. amrap : 1 ropeclimb- 5 deadlift 60/80  

«Pink diamond»

”Pink Diamond” 5 Rounds for time ; 18 Wallballs 6/10 16 Boxjump 14 Goblet Squat 16/24 12 Kb Swing 16/24 36 Walking Lunges ( nedover mot gjerdet ) – sprint back

«The Stairs»!

DAGENS WOD: «The Stairs» 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10……. Etc A: 6 Min AMRAP -Ground to overhead w/plate 20/15kg -Overhead Lunge w/plate 20/15kg Rest exactly 2 minutes, then: B: 6 Min AMRAP -Kettlebell Swing 24/16kg -Goblet Squat 24/16kg Rest exactly 2 minutes, then: C: 6 Min AMRAP -Double Unders -ABMAT Situps Post total of rounds on each AMRAP (A,B,C)…
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Fredags-benkpress på Reebok CrossFit Bryggen

WOD : 20 min AMRAP (Post number of presses only) Row 400 m. Max rep. Benchpress 30/42,5     Endre gravde dypt for å slå Snorre. God stemning på tribunen. Fredrik kunne ingen gjøre noe med. Han er fra en annen planet.