Måned: november 2011

This is Crossfit

Element class just left. Its 22.30 and here I am doing the blog. But, we got «Snorre’s 4 days of fun» coming up, so it’s all good :)

Do not write to much on the floor ….   FAIL 🙂                       The element class learned «clean and jerk»  Great work ….                        

BIG DAWG CHALLENGE “66 Problems – but my capacity ain’t one!” In teams of 2 for time: – part I – 66 KB Swings 32 kg / 24 kg 66 Sprawls – part II – 66 Jumping Squats 35 kg / 20 kg 66 Push-Presses 60 kg / 35 kg –part III – 66 Pull-ups…
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21-15-9 Deadlift, 200m, T2B, 200m (Beginners did «Cindy on crack». Lots of fun)

Henriks brother, learning from the best 🙂

Heavy Turkish

Heavy Turkish combined with and nice little nasty AMRAP 7 min Burpee Deadlifts. 65/45kg Cecilie took the prize today with 67 but there were many that were over 50 reps. Very cool guys!! Remember: Up and coming events. 3rd of Dec: Mobility seminar with Freddy 4th Dec: Weightlifting seminar 17th Dec: 5 Kamp competition 20th…
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Goblet squats and push-ups !

WOD:10 squats- 20 push up, 9 squats-18 push up …..   down to 1 squat-2 push up. FINE 🙂     Hell, but fun ! There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth,…
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Cindy on crack !

20 min AMRAP; 5 pullups – 10 wallball- 15 KB swing

5km Run or Row

The nasty WOD that popsup from time to time, it came today! Happens about once every 3 months. Weather was pleasant, Not too cold. So we took advantage!. Winter prob is going to put a hold on this for a while. Dont forget we have a Mobility Seminar 3rd of Dec. Weightlifting seminar 4th Dec.…
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