Tuesday : 1000 DU

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I confess that was me.

I like the number “one thousand”. It sounds big, it sounds magical and … for ever to achieve! You need to focus your mental, find ressources, keep yourself into a bubble.

I like challenges.

Of course some can fit into 1h wod in class some don’t. So you won’t see 1000 burpees or 1000 Ring Muscle Up. Don’t worry.

CrossFit is about killing the routine, about being prepared for anything, about improving ourselves anyhow.

What will 1000 DU give to your outside life? I have no idea.

But you did it or at least tried and this is ticked in your “1 millions things I need to do in my life before I’m too old (to do these things or remember what they were)” mental list.

Today was a cool day even though I’m writing the blog at 23, preparing a soup while listening to the playlist “From a Smokey Bar” (that has a picture of the genius Django Reinhardt!) in Spotify. You’re 20 or so and don’t know Django? Doesn’t matter. 🍲 🎶 #LoveMyLife #NoKidding

And we had the 6 minute “Hardcore” abs exercice too. Normally it comes as finisher but Snorre wanted to have it in pre-wod. Not a bad idea.

It’s always a better day when I can see Snorre and have time to talk to him so to help me out solving problems.

Yeah yeah love you too.

Flere innlegg