This is Crossfit

Bamm Bamm

Kort blogg. Must not blog long every time 😅 Thor Håkon er i form. Så kommer det blide jenter som er litt uskarpe 😂 Eller ikke klar for bilde i det hele tatt 🤷🏻‍♂️ The END


Sunday is yoga day

Knock on wood

Hayato wanted to know if I had any pictures of him working out on my phone. I have 38.000 pictures 😱 Better to take some The board:) Hanging out in the bar Kettlebell with Kari ❤️ (Mia being «sexy-serious» 😜 Cecilie being different 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 Again. Thanks for being awesome everybody ❤️

Pardon the interruption

Og løfting

Diddly Squat

Lets go with some classics Ammar This blog originally contained a lot of pictures from Booty-Building with Thea. We found the contend to be sexist so they got deleted


Jack buys all kind of weird stuff on Wish. This time he actually bought something cool 😎

Wiped Clean

Dagens økt så grei ut. Nesten litt skuffende lett. Det var god stemning ! La oss fange den gode stemningen 😜 Frida er ny. Hun takler oppmerksomhet dårlig 😆 Hu kan jo ikke være så kørka at hun tror vi kan se hvor fort hun staker 🤪 «Ehhhh … Eg må ut litt» Titt titt…
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Battle of the West

Og «Bring friend» 👻 og .. «Don’t bring a friend» 😈 Battle of the West 👹

Bench Presses and KB12

When you press hard you get the face. It’s impossible not to 😆 Just thinking about it might affect your features 😅 But some just look great Look at this handsome boy. The board


Booty Building er kjempepopulært. Alltid kjekt med en liten rompe-prat 😂 Dagens økt var enkel og slitsom. The board