This is Crossfit

STRENGTH Press 5-5-5-5-5 WOD 10 min Cindy BIG thanks for all the help today guys…you know who you are! Progess next door is looking really good!! Hopefully all the lockers can be finish tomorrow. Remember the All Blacks tomorrow at Finnegans 9:45am if your keen!

HPSC and high box jumps

  Who’s sexy legs?? TECHNIQUE Hang Power Squat Clean WOD 16-14-12-10 Hang Power Squat clean High Box Jumps New website design at the moment, you will have to bear with us for a while until we plough out all the little tweaks. I can see most of you understand the new system.      …
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New webpage up and running!

Read the ‘Get Started’ section for information about how to book classes in the new system. Users who have already booked classes for tomorrow(Friday), Saturday and Sunday will be moved manually over by the administrators, so remember to look in the list to check if you are already booked for a class if you want…
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