This is Crossfit


In the old days we did the «programming» ourselves. We stole wods and made them our own. Or just made it simple. A light drag followed by a light squat/press.

Roland made «SKAM» A perfect workout in its simplicity.

200 m Row 10 Wall Balls.

I remade it last week. Calories makes you work harder. 15 WallBalls is tougher than 10, that’s all 🤷🏻‍♂️ We are ready to tough it up. It was HELL!

Happy days. Elin started undressing 😜 and Ole was confident his partner would kick ass 👊🏼 Me and Marcus just wanted to make the time cap.

Half way me and Marcus was dead 💀

Others where struggling too 😂

That makes the trainers happy. The more the members suffer, the better 😂

Petter had Roing Class

Hilde «Sunn og Sprek»

She aimed high with lots of lifts, so she really had to work hard.

The board

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