It’s Covid time

This is Crossfit

It’s Covid time

The day started just fine.

Me and Hilde in the office making sure everything was good before I drove off to see my parents.

My mom is happy 😂

The members are happy 😃

Messages like that makes my day. We are doing great. Everything is great!!

Roland had the morning class. Mikus is so fast. Jumps faster than his own shadow.

When I reached Voss the call came.

A trainer tested positive. That means others might have it. Nobody knows . Things are not so great anymore.

I turned the car around. Can’t risk hurting my parents. Easy decision.

Back at Bryggen Hilde is calling every single person that has been in contact with the trainer and a member (also positive) Hilde is doing a great job. Telling the same story 30 times. Telling people what to do. Hilde we love you!

Then we have to decide. What to do?

We can listen to Smittevernskontoret (Helseetaten i Bergen)

They said: «Ehhhh .. Dont worry about it. Wash a little extra. Anybody not in direct contact with the two are fine. »

Whaaaaaat ???? So we just gamble that nobody else got it and have Bring a Friend with random people. Risking that 3-6 cases become 100 in a couple of days?

Me and Hilde are dictators. We don’t have to worry about re election or student unions.

By coincidence the same decision as Friday’s did.

Got a funny message from the manager.

Next time NHH are debating how to deal with a complicated situation, call Hilde 😎

I’m confident we did the right thing. We will fix up the gym even more the 10 days we are closed.

PS My mom was happy not to see me 🙈😂🤷🏻‍♂️

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