Måned: juli 2020

This is Crossfit

Hot Flash

Tee time

jævlig seig økt … Ordentlig Old School opplegg. No fluff, De fleste skalerte ned og brukte 25 min. Andre kjørte Rx og blei ferdig på et kvarters tid 🙀 The økt

Rest stop


We are buying the «programming» They come with very specific notes 📝 I’m having a hard time making y’all understand that the «point of the workout». The stimulus they are after. Whatever you like to call it. It is different from day to day. Running the 400 m in 43 seconds is not the same…
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The Midget

The squat, the press and the pull. Just enough reps so you keep going. A «partner» that gets you stuck at an uncomfortable pace 🥵 «The midget» PS: Vi har solgt utrolig mange sommertilbud derfor avslutter vi salget nå. Har du en venn som «sitter på gjerdet» så er denne helgen siste sjans for å…
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BAF «Heart Attack”

Det tar litt tid å finpusse en WOD I dag var den nesten perfekt. Neste gang blir det helt «knekken» på alle 😜


Super famous workout!!! Part of the crossfit games many times. The instructions where to scale so you could finish in under ten minutes. Y’all did a great job !! While the animals was finished The rest of us had to keep working. (Nice clean 👏🏻👏🏻) And the coffe rats waiting for their turn to get…
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Heeeeeeelt forferdelig Workout Of the Day IGJEN !!!! Jeg bare hatet den Max fra første runde 🙀 Eller elsket den når det endelig var over 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Her har vi en Syrer som tror det er en AMRAP. En Danske som synes comebackøkten var i meste laget. Og , Lille My (p) Kettlebell timen representert av…
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“Poker ♦️ Face”

Doing the workout «girls Rx’d Challenging Oda,heads up, and loosing !!! 🙀 That’s so ducked up I’m still myp myp. I have NOT ONE good thing to say about this workout. It was total crap from beginning to end 🖕🏻 Friday its DT. Then I’m going up against this serial drinker again. 👊🏼 Only two…
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Seven wonders

«Program for the best, scale for the rest» All workouts are made to produce a certain stimulus. That creates a problem when you present a «one size fits all» workout. The solution to the problem is …… scaling. If all the «Rx super fit people» use 10-15 minutes. Your goal should be to use about…
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