Day four: “Win a WOD”

This is Crossfit

Day four: “Win a WOD”

Funny 😆

Today we cleaned the Gym top to bottom. It’s sooooo clean 🧼 😍

Want to see it ?

The first person to guess the name of the gym in the picture, will win access to Reebok CrossFit Bryggen for two hours. It’s only you, and you alone, whenever you like 😍

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Just scroll down

11 Responses

  1. Ronnie Rajendram sier:

    Metroflex Arlington 🙂

  2. Hawwii sier:

    Lol så klart! Ikke på fb 😂😂❗️ Jaja🤧

  3. Jack sier:

    The Original Metroflex gym in Texas Arlington

  4. Hayato sier:


  5. Sooo… Did anyone win? Or did we all disqualify by Jack and someone else.. cheating? 😂

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