Tirsdag: Part Time

This is Crossfit

Tirsdag: Part Time

Got some pictures from the school today. They got a good deal on the rent so extra money for some swings and stuff

I was asked to have an opinion regarding the colors of the school uniforms. Always thought the Swedes look cool with their blue shirts and three yellow crowns. So it is 🙂

I’m guessing there was some money for Florence to fix her hair also 🙂 Good on you Florence. Well deserved.

Talking about Swedes. Henrik’s kettlebell classes are off the hook. 16 booked + 10 on the waitlist.

So what is crossfit ? This is crossfit.

This is sofie. She is cute, and crossfit.

Rebeca is back !!! Really nice to see her again. Telling Regine about surfing in Hawaii.

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