Thor’s day: “Dead and Company”

Thor’s day: “Dead and Company”

Ajala transferred to CrossFit Bryggen some months ago. Always smiling and friendly. Today he said to me : «Hey Snorre I was thinking of having a party on Saturday. I have a big porch and the weather is gonna be nice» I was like : «Thanks for the invite, can I bring someone ?

He said : «I would like to invite everybody at CrossFit Bryggen» Looooool !!!! Respect ✊🏼 Whats the worst thing that can happen when you invite 285 people to a party ? ? ? Ha ha … That they all show up and everything goes straight through the roof 🙂

Let’s go and find out 👏🏻👏🏻

The «comp gang» could not get out of the WOD fast enough. To much running for them.

For Anette it was not a problem. Her running was unbelievable fast.

Had to «stalk» her on face to find out what’s up with this woman.

Found out

The comp gang 🙂

The board

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