Friday : «Crazy stairs»

Friday : «Crazy stairs»

What are we going to talk about today ?

Scaling the weight correctly ? That’s an important subject. What if everybody scaled to their personal level. Then nobody could compete anymore 😱. 60 Kg for boys and 40 for girls is fun !!! Let’s see who wins 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The strongest person has an advantage anyway, or ?

But … Let’s talk about «Comp Train»

Today everybody left the «Egentrening-Room» and joined the party in the main room 😍

Yes !!!! I love when that happens. Actually we bought the programming so that would happen 😜

There is no rule without an exception😂😂😂

Ole and «Dansken» wanted the advantage of the thin pull up bar … so they had to do the «Cindy» part alone. What can you do 🙃

Dush was worried that somebody would beat his score, so he dared not go home 🏡He got trapped at Bryggen for hours😅 (Aril put his Tinder on «interested in boys» so they could spy on Stian’s profile)

Everybody beat Dush the end 😫

Before I went home Mikus came in the door … so I’m guessing everybody lost in the end 😎

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