Bring a friend

This is Crossfit

Bring a friend

So I’m gone for the weekend and you behave like animals. Changing the traditional cup game and just …. 😳

Marcus is such a nice guy. We asked him to help us build a shelf. I was like : Yes no problem!

When you work all week as a carpenter, building a shelf for on Your Saturday off might not be living the dream 👎🏼

Then he made a «roller dispenser » for us 😂 Straight away some fucker was thinking ; Ohh great. A bottle shelf 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂 You make me laugh 😆

Anyways …. The next time you see the Finish guy. Give him a big hug. He really likes hugs and attention 😜

Ohhhh … I should not make this blog to personal but.

This is my mum and dad. My dad saw my mom at the university in Oslo and decided she was IT ! My mom disagreed but he never gave up. Played he guitar and just gave it all.

This Saturday they had been married for 50 years. So they went to where he first saw her, at the university steps, and took a picture. Cute 💏

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