Lørdag : Bring a friend

Lørdag : Bring a friend

For me this was the best bring a friend ever !

Benedicte brought three friends with her. One of them was really worried 😟 She looked at the 11 class and said : «No , I don’t really wanna do this »

I told her that my job as her «friend» was to make the workout a positive experience for her. But that she was going to get really tired 😜 – I like to scare them a little 😂😂😂

We did the workout together. She had light Kettlebell, 20 kg plate in front of the box. Light ball with low target. And it just worked out GREAT 👍🏻 I got a really good workout, and so did she. 40 seconds left on the clock we where doing sit ups next to each other. She put her head on my shoulder and said : «I’m so tired now» I said let’s do five more. She said YES 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 😃

After class she was super happy. Hoping to cancel her membership at «Fitness not get fit at all» and become a Bryggen girl.

I’m not happy because I’m dreaming about the 800kr she might give me each month.

It’s just that sometimes you feel that you made a difference.