Fredag : «Team Eva»

Fredag : «Team Eva»

Today was a good Bryggen day. It has become something bigger than itself. An institution or organism if you like.

Where do I start. .. Ehh

This is Monica. She was fat and unhappy when we opened 8 years ago. This weekend she beat EVERYBODY no matter age or what in the Norwegian championship for women under 63 kg.

Me and monica are usually happy people , but not right before the defining moment 😂

Here is the record lift. The last lift. The everything or nothing lift 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Today’s wod was a team wod. Totally unimportant who wins or what. Doing heavy shit together is the point. Monica knows this.

Thierry joins the class. Cause he understands this also 👍🏻

Then Björn Boge came. I have not seen him for 5 years. He used to be at Bryggen every day until he became an adult and moved to Haugesund and got him self a wife , house and kid 😃 We tricked into joining the wod. It’s always fun to kill a friend 😜

Zuzana loves baking cake 🎂So she did one for Monica. It’s her birthday.

Then me and Bjørn and Zuzana and monica and everybody ate cake together talking about lifting and life … whatever.

I tried to take some more sneak photos ,

but Laila retaliated. She is from Lebanon 🇱🇧. That’s how they roll 😜

No picture of the board. It does not matter anyways. Everybody worked out hard. Happy days 🙂