Summer party 🎉

Summer party 🎉

Wednesday is a «red day» so most people are not working. That gives us the perfect opportunity to have our annual summer party. It’s actually a celebration of Bryggens birthday 🎂

It’s an informal event. Come as you pleas. Drink some beers 🍺 and play some games.

Looks like we saved a bit on the budget this year so we will give out cash prices for different games I make up 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

When I wake up tomorrow I’ll take a shower and drink som coffee Baileys. Then I’ll count the my Vipps and tell the Nosteboden lady how many we are attending the party 🎈

Sooooo … If you want to join, Vipps now before I wake up 🙂