Tuesday: Squats and Burpees ❤️

Tuesday: Squats and Burpees ❤️

First of all : Bryggens birthday 🎂 will be celebrated 30 of April.

Dj , night food , games and … nobody knows. It will be the normal monkey show with scandalous behavior and tenna in tapeten 👍🏻

Again there was jumping. kB with Henke is always something weird. Jump like a chicken 🐓

Jump with a Kettlebell or jump the bell up in the air 🤪

Squats and Burpees are both famous movements in crossfit. So guess this was a hardcore fit day.

And the jumping continues…

Ricard getting help from stretching girls 🤗

And last but not least. Never underestimate a swimmer 🏊

Maybe the butterfly is more like Burpees than we know. Hard to say. Either way, Natalie beat everybody at 7 min burpees today. She bought one week crossfit to take a break from the water 💦Had to sneak take some pictures of her after the wod. Here she is putting on the Sandviken Bunad. Bubble Jacket , shorts and sneakers 😂

A closer look at the champ 🙂

In the meantime. Sneak bodybuilding going on at a secret location.

Hieroglyphics with Henke 😬