Wednesday: Mobilus

Wednesday: Mobilus

After or before heavy days we might have «just move a lot» workouts.

Chill day to be a trainer. Not that much to explain. Well …. unless one likes to talk 😂😂😂

After work I try to stay of mail and … whatever. I just wanna relax. But no. There are these gangs. They are young and like to bother old people. Instead of going out and get drunk , they stay at home and make memes.

Like this :

This is from another, but same gang (The Koala 🐨 Gang)

Then we have «Tullehønene fra babysvømmingen» Small but dangerous gang. Today one of them said in the middle of the workout; » The only thing I’m thinking about now is Bolle!»


I love my job. It’s not a job really