Monday : Open 19.1

Monday : Open 19.1

More than 100 signed up for the open this year. It’s great !!! It gives so much energy to Bryggen. It’s love and hate and chaos and …. everything!

But some are alone on an oil platform. Jonas , you are super cool 😎

I’m sorry Dag , but you might see the humor in it now. (Dag Andrè is the coolest guy in the world , but he has not worked out for more than a year now)

But we told him. «You are more than 2 meters tall. This workout is a walk in the park for you »

So he agreed to do it 😂😂😂

Started fine hitting the roof with the ball

Then after 5 minutes he realized; I can’t get out of this. I’m dying. Fucking idiots that got me into this. I’m an idiot too …. and 10 minutes to go 😖

And Snorre , what a %#%^*^%#^ he is. I really want to kill everybody now. And my self 😡

But he survived. His girlfriend says he might never come back , but I think he will 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😜

Then there are others. They just love working out. They look great , and feel great. WallBalls are fun. It’s sent to them with divine light from heaven.

They have fans that gives them attention. And they like the attention. trying to kill them selves while people are cheering is fun for them.

That scares the people in the kaffekrok , waiting to get slaughtered 😫

And then there is the rest of us. We are doing the best we can. And it’s awesome 👏🏻 Cause we are all animals. Craziest work out people EVER !

CrossFit has changed the way the world looks at «working out». We are working out so hard they don’t know what to say.

Usually they just try to hate us.

Stian hates Mikus a bit 😂. He came after everybody was done and did the workout for the 10 time , and beat Stian with one ☝️ point 😆

Thanks for being awesome everybody!!!!!! ❤️