Okey ill try to make a blog:)

Okey ill try to make a blog:)

Today was the big day for Ellinor and Anita. The Powerlifting competition!!!

Ellinor was so ready … the ponytail stood straight out of readyness 😂😂😂

Actually she looked pale and not ready most of the time 😜

But she was .. She won the gold and qualified for the Norwegian championship 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Anita has done this before so she looked more pro 😎

Both of them did really well. Anita Bench Pressed 95 kg !!!

Crossfit Kystby has a stronger owner than Crossfit Bryggen 😫 Isabel deadlifts 210 kg !!!

You don’t wanna mess with her😱

Imagine being a small girl thinking «that’s the coolest girl I know »

What a good start in life 🌈

Another thing :

In Norway it is demanded that you learn how to read , write and do the math. Otherwise you are useless and cost the nation too much being a moron.

But when it comes to physical preparedness there is no requirements. Maybe we should think about that. It’s expensive to keep vegetables alive for 30 years.

This woman will not need any help any time soon 😆

Ohhh no …. Forget it. That would take away our personal freedom to destroy our lives with bad choices. We don’t have a tradition for that ….. or … yes we do 🤨