Monday: Asker

Monday: Asker

Today I received by mail a request to terminate a contract from one of our «historical» members who moves away.

As proud as I can be, that message made me sad.

There are some persons with this amazing charisma, true magnet to people.

There are some persons who, like it or not, change you for the time being around.

To me, that person is the representation of how I’d like our gym to be : a shelter, where you are always welcomed by someone with a smile.

A place where you can be yourself, act silly, fail and success.

A place where you will always find someone to train with and make friends on the long run.

A place difficult to leave even when the workout is done long ago.

Because CrossFit is so much more than sport, than «fitness».

What does it even means?

This word was stolen by Global Gyms where people are numbers, statistics, caught by a cheap offer and where they won’t put their feet after 3 months of an unprecedented boredom and lack of motivation and still keep paying for 9 more months.

Long ago, hearing this word I believed it was something for middle aged women who wanted a «come back».

A «sport» where you would step up and down in some kind of dance with a coach on a stage.

When fitness is the state of being far from sick and over being well, not related to any sport in particular.

And CrossFit is strong because of its community and because the seek of fitness becomes fun.

This is the difference between us and these gyms.

Here people smile, talk to you, give you advices, encourage you while you work out.

Here people care.

Today’s workout was a little different than usual.

I wanted a movement involving a weight while going on a box.

And that movement was the worst!

I love when I hear people out of breath when the wod is over, telling me how bad that was and with a smile adding «that was a great workout!».

We are like this in CrossFit.

We don’t need anyone to tell us to push a little more.

We just go for it.

Results come from intensity and the hardest part is probably knowing ourselves and pacing well.

Last week of regular classes at Bryggen.

Soon Christmas and time with our families here or there.

But we will be opened with few classes per days with Gabor & Stian as trainers.

Until then we will meet at the gym, sweat, cry and laugh.

And life goes on.