Måned: juni 2018

This is Crossfit

Monday : crossfit.com 180123

Cecilie’s daughter forgot her club shirt today. What could she wear in its place for the competition??? The «Forged in the rain»☔️ shirt ❤️ Yes !!! That’s how you know you made it. Then there is no doubt that Bryggen is cool 😎 No kid ever would pick something uncool👏🏻👏🏻 I have used the six…
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Saturday: Grip Strength and Girls on Snapchat

Owning a crossfit gym is not boring. Here’s an example. I got up eat breakfast and drove Sara down to Bryggen for «Olympic Weightlifting with Robin». Roland was having «Bring a friend» so I said hello to a new face. He was a triathlete so we ended up discussing «what is fitness» before class. Me,…
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Friday: Lukas Graham and handstand walk 😂

The day started as normal. I came early to take out the trash and give the toilets en kattevask. Then I marked the floor for the big event; The hand stand walk 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 And put all the boxes 📦 up really high, just to irritate Thierry 😆 Then Lukas Graham came and asked if he…
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Thursday: Hope

Rubbing balls on your body is the big thing right now. I don’t wanna be old fashioned so used the 30-60 kg D-Balls today. People where rubbing them hard all over their bodies. The work out was a «fight gone bad» style circuit training. Henkes Kettlebell Class is popular also. I like his style. Just…
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Wednesday: Run two English miles

Today’s wod got voted «the most boring wod ever» 😂😂😂 By the persons that did not do it 🙈 It was actually lots of fun and really good efforts 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 People where running like champions!!! We had several mutiny groups 😆 Here is one of them trying to organize something else 😎 The board

Tuesday: Fun team two

Today’s workout was supposed to be a one man (or girl:) WOD Roland changed it into A team workout. Doubled the reps (and the intensity for most). Made it more fun also. Not that every training has to be fun. But it helps For top athletes boring can be fun , cause dreaming big makes…
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Monday : Wittman

Goebbels punishing her class Henke went old school 😜 The board :

Friday : Angie

Angie… Sweet name for a tough workout. One of those «girls», benchmarks in CrossFit. But this one is probably the worst. «I think that anything that leaves you on your back gasping for air wondering what just happened to you should be named after a girl.» -Greg Glassman Of course after this kind of workout…
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Thursday: No Textile Thursday @ CrossFit Bryggen 🤩 … and Open11.5

It started with a picture of the girls in bikinis outside Bryggen 😍 Then I realized that I had a chance to make an almost nude blog today. Weightlifting with Per, without shirt 👕 👍🏻 Robin hanging out , without shirt. Aboud with his hard core Syrian Toes To Bar 😅 Andreas «Horst Tappert» without…
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Wednesday : HSW & Jump Ship

Wednesday is practice/skill day and today was about Hand Stand Walk. This movement is the funniest one for me and if you check my Facebook you know I love it! Remember that time when you were a kid when you were always going upside down? What happened there? We grew up, we started to sit…
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