Thursday: “Blitz”

This is Crossfit

Thursday: “Blitz”

In Bergen «The Kommune» don’t let people build tall buildings at the waterfront cause it ruins it for the rest of us. Well woopty doo ….. Cruise ships 🚢 taller than sky scrapers docking every day gives the same effect.

I don’t know why Bergen Kommune thinks that is so great. I could understand it if Bergen was a dirt poor island 🌴 trying to make a living from the pennies of tourists. But we are rich !!!!! «Bergen is popular» the newspapers say. Well, what are we ? An Instagram profile ???

Anyways… I come down to Bryggen. The sun is shining on the Olympic bars. Arnold is tweeting and life is better ❤️

Kettlebell with Henrik and coaching a class makes me happy. Lots of people on the board that gave it their best during the day

On my way out of the parking lot my blood pressure goes up again. They made a fake zebra crossing for the tourists!!! I pay 600.000 a year to rent Crossfit Bryggen, but I have to wait every day for people believing they have the right to cross and cross and cross ….. but they don’t !!!!! The crossing is not put there by Statens Vegvesen. Do I have to follow Vegtrafikkloven when the whole thing is fake ??? 🤬

I’m hanging up posters tomorrow😜