Monday : CrossFit HQ 170411 aka “the impossible workout”

This is Crossfit

Monday : CrossFit HQ 170411 aka “the impossible workout”

When Gabor passed the door this morning, he looked at me and said “what the hell is going on here?” 😳😂

I know what you think.

Why do we have this kind of wod?

Because CrossFit HQ decided it would be the workout of the day at some point.

Yeah but why?

Because there is heavy Weightlifting and Gymnastic.

Still why they decide we would have something like this? This is impossible!

And here’s the point.

99% of the entire CrossFit community cannot make this workout RX (including myself).

The weight is crazy, the gymnastic movements very tough, the number of rounds mad not to mention the challenging time cap!

So what then?

Then you have to scale it!

Scaling is not a punishment, it’s not “for losers”.

You need to face the reality and put your ego down.

What are you able to do, where is the boundary between pushing yourself a bit further and not being able to make anything or way too little and what should you get better at?

The morning class was full and I was very interested in people’s feed back.

And it was very positive.

I’ve heard them saying that it was very challenging, very heavy and yet very fun!

Björn called me an evil genius! 😈😂

And I’ve seen all day long people giving a chance to handstand walk, falling and keep going cm by cm.

It was awesome.

At 19 ton of people come for our special classes.

Rowing with Carolina in charge today.

God bedring Tuva who soon will take a well deserved break to give birth to a future Norwegian CrossFit champion or whatever he will decide to become.

But being a Norwegian CrossFit champion is the best.

Still no pressure.

Come on between you and me Tuva : CrossFit champion right? 😉😃

Kettlebell with Henke back from Danemark where he coached his daughter in a wrestling competition involving dwarfs, small bears and women with moustache.



And our new «lifting with a world champion» class with Monica.

Something involving programming, squating, awesomeness and cute girls.

Excited by the day, I arrived home and decided to share my feelings to my roommates : my sofa and my fridge.

After 15 minutes of intense talking I got to the point that they would never answer me back.

I felt a little disappointed to be honest.

Life is good.