Thursday: “Bradshaw”

This is Crossfit

Thursday: “Bradshaw”

Anders Garlid called me. He started at CrossFit Bryggen in 2011 but have not been training that much lately. He said ; «Hey I was down at the gym. Roland and Camilla said you are in great shape. Strong and looking cool» 😎

I was like : WHAAAT !!! They said that !!! ??? 😊

Made my day. All of a sudden I was walking around in the apartment;

– La di da di da. I’m the motherfucking D O double G 😜

Remember to compliment each other. No effort for lots of happiness.

Fun wods this week. Maybe a bit challenging for some , but solid workouts and nice atmosphere all the way.

Arne is not a big fan of double unders. But he did them. With some cursing 🤬 and throwing the rope around 😂

Olympic Weightlifting 🏋️ with Per

The KB class went as heavy as possible today. It was cool 😎