Tuesday: Hard core “Cindy” variation from crossfit.com

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Tuesday: Hard core “Cindy” variation from crossfit.com

The problem with push ups in a workout is that everybody do them differently. Being in the plank position makes them harder, so if you wanna «win the wod» you have to cheat a little. All the different monkey business styles are hard to judge 🙂

The end result of the training gets better if you do them correctly, but then you will never be nr one , so that’s a mind f### 😳

I took three pictures of Evelyn. She was the only one I saw with hard core strict plank style. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I had the morning class. I’m old school. «Rocky tabata» with biceps curl and presses for the pull-ups and pushups. Overhead squats and Burpees for the Pistols. Done ✅ Monica and her dog did the workout. As you can see «Loke» will have problems getting up from the toilet tomorrow 😫

Connie and Victoria had a private class. They worked out like animals!!! I’m laughing when I think about how bad they will get it tomorrow 😂 Good luck getting «stå plass» on the plain tomorrow.

Roland had the last class of the day. I can see from the pictures he sent me that «the red balls» was not in use there either 😜

A nice pistol squat and the board;